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Rates - Shipments from abroad

Valid from 01.06.2019


Service Rates
Customs Report (E-1) 3.850 kr.
Each additional line 285 kr.
Home delivery 990 kr.
Express service at the post office the same day 1.195 kr.
Express service and home delivery the same evening 1.895 kr
Express service and home delivery right away 0-20 kg 2.690 kr
Import permission 740 kr.
Customs Clearance fee (E-1) 450 kr.
Customs Clearance (E-3) - paper 995 kr.
Customs Clearance (E-3) - email 595 kr.
Customs Clearance (E-3) - automatic debit 535 kr.
Shipment fee - Europe 400 kr.
Shipment fee - outside Europe 600 kr.
Storage fee at customs, per day for international parcels, 7 days from arrival 195 kr.
Storage fee at post office, per weekday for international parcels, 10 weekdays from arrival 195 kr.
Export Report 2.900 kr.
Item opened in search of invoice 495 kr.
Handling fee for Credit account at customs 935 kr.

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