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When you order products online and get them sent by post are a few things you have to consider.

All imported goods must be cleared through customs. If sufficient information on the value is outside of the shipment, it is toll processed immediately and sent to you. If the total is less than ISK 40.000 and import is not commercial, you can make a duty declaration otherwise make a traditional customs report.

If information is missing, we will send you a notification. You can receive notification of customs duty transmission by email, it speeds up the process.

If you have the tracking number and you want to speed up the process, please send us the information. We take care of the customs clearance as soon as the shipment arrives and that speeds up the process by up to 3 days.

Descriptive contents are important for you to put your product in the right tax category. If the total content exceeds ISK 40,000. You must include a mandate to Duty report (only available in Icelandic).

All communications equipment must be CE-marked. Devices that are not CE-marked are illegal in this country.

But what if i do not have a receipt for the contents?

When ordering online the vendor usually sends an email to the buyer with a receipt for the purchase or the buyer can log onto the vendors website and access a confirmation of purchase. In some cases, you can use credit card receipts as confirmation of payment and value. If you have not received a receipt and cannot get a confirmation of the value from the sender, you can request that we open the shipment in search for an invoice. This is done for a fee


Aliexpress has so far not submitted invoices for shipments nor sent customers emails that show the contents, value and shipping cost. Customers of Aliexpress can however log on to their site, select "my orders" and take a screenshot of the order. The tracking number is given on each order. Here are instructions on how to access your invoice on

It is common to underestimate the total cost of imports; In addition to the price of the goods there is shipping cost, customs charges in the relevant tariff category, VAT and handling charges on importation. You can find information on customs tariffs calculator Customs Directorate. The calculator does not state the handling fee.

Fast-tracking your customs fee

Iceland Post offers three types of express service for shipments from abroad in the capital region:

  • If information is sent before 12:00 the shipment can be picked up at your post office between 17:00 and 18:00. The customer receives a text message when the parcel is ready. Express service charge 495 kr.
  • If information is sent before 13:00 you can order home delivery the same evening. Express service + home delivery charge 1.440 kr.
  • If information is sent before 14:30 you can order a courier. Delivery time is about 2,5 hours. Express service + courier charge 2.315 kr. 

Of course customers can receive the parcel through general process and have it delivered at your post office or postbox the next day. You can apply for express service here on the website.


Did you receive a defective product or the wrong size and you want to return or exchange?

If you need to exchange or return a product you have to hold on to the postage receipt or have the tracking number in order for you to be able to return to the seller. It is also important to keep email communication between you and the seller which shows the reason for the return. This information is normally sufficient.

The value of the shipment should not exceed 40,000 ISK. It is necessary that the shipment is registered, either as a parcel or a registered letter, as these shipments can be traced.

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