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Instructions on how to find your invoice from eBay / Paypal

The retailer will send you all invoices to the given email on eBay / Paypal. Here you can see a sample of the right Paypal receipt if you don't find it in your mailbox.

Step 1. Log in to - My Ebay - Purchase history and find the right product.

Step 2. My orders. Here it is easy to see the date and total amount. If shipping cost is included it will appear here, if not only order total.

Step 3. Find the right Paypal receipt

Compare the order date and press Details

The right Paypal receipt should come up. It is important that the following information is shown: Number of items - Detailed description of contents - Item total + Shipping (if any) - Net amount.

You need to take a screen shot of the receipt and send it to us via Request customs clearanceIf you are not sure how to take a screen shot have a look at the website:

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