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Instructions on how to find an invoice on

Here are instructions on how to find your invoice on Instructions for the Aliexpress app are below.


See instructions for   (In Icelandic but with pictures)



Instructions for the Aliexpress app

1. You start by opening the AliExpress app and sign in. Then enter My AliExpress. This is how it looks on Android and Iphone:



2. Here you have an overview of all your orders. The category Goods Awaiting Confirmation are orders which have been dispatched but not received yet. Press that.




3. If you know the contents of the shipment go straight to step 4. If not you will have to start by comparing the tracking number on the delivery notice we sent you and the tracking number on each order here. If you press the Tracking button on each order you see the tracking information and you can see the tracking number on each order. When you have found the correct product go back.



4. When you have found the correct product you press the picture of the product:



5. Then you have the invoice on your screen. It should look like this. It is important that the Total Amount is shown and the contents.

aliexpress kvittun

6. Now you have to take a screenshot of the invoice and send it to us via customs clearance.

On most mobiles/tablets a screenshot is taken by holding the home button and the power button simultaneously. The picture autosaves to your mobile/tablet.

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