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About shipments from abroad

All parcels handled by Iceland Post from abroad must go through customs procedures

Iceland post charges Customs Clearance fee when transported across international borders. Customs clearance fee is charged for each shipment. All international mail is subject to the Customs regulations and laws of both the country of origin and the country of destination. Iceland Post has the authority for this collection of international postal agreements, these costs are not included in the postage charges itself, the duty amount is determined by tariff that has legal validity in Iceland.

All parcels handled by Iceland Post from abroad must go through customs procedures. Customs examinations are carried out by the Directorate of Customs, and parcels are opened only during opening hours, Monday–Friday between 08:00 and 15:30.

It is best to have precise information on the outside of the parcel regarding its value. If not found on the package, it will be retained and notification will be sent to the recipient by post or email. Apply here for: Email notice

After the parcel is processed by customs it will be delivered by Iceland's Post distribution.

Are you expecting a shipment from China?

Here are instructions for customs clearance for shipments from

Speed up the process

If you are expecting a shipment and you have the tracking number you can accelerate the process if you send us the invoice right away. We declare the shipment as soon as it arrives if all documents are adequate. By doing so you can speed up the process by up to 3 days. Once declared, the shipment will end up at the post office or delivered to addressee the next day.

Customs categories and tolls

Information about customs categories and tolls can be found on the Directorate of Customs website. Search words must be entered in the plural. Veftollskrá (Only available in Icelandic). Also available: Online shopping calculator (Only available in Icelandic).

All communication devices must be CE-marked. Devices that do not have a CE mark are illegal in Iceland.

Almost all customs categories may be dealt with on Customs Declaration Form E-3 or E-1, as stated by law, except if the shipment turns out to be duty-free.

What if it's a gift?

If you are receiving a gift and it has been declared for customs, there is available information only in Icelandic on Note that if the value of the gift exceeds ISK 13.500 there will be charges for the excess amount and the shipment must go through customs. Further information about gifts.

Duty-free procedure

The Directorate of Customs examines all shipments arriving in Iceland and determines whether or not they are subject to excise duty.
If an item of mail is deemed duty-free, then it is treated as though duty has been paid and delivered to the recipient by Iceland Post’s distribution network.

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