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Rates - Occasion

Rates - Printed items from My Poslist

Valid from 1.4.2015


Service Price

Starting cost pr. list

1.170 ISK

Label pr. pcs

25 ISK

Envelope pr. pcs

30 ISK

For example:


Envelopes 30 pcs

2.070 ISK

Labels 50 pcs

2.420 ISK


Rates - Telegrams

Valid from 1.1.2018

Service Price
My Telegrams  
Only available online 1.825 ISK
By phone 1.825 ISK
Online 1.585 ISK
Business Telegrams  
By phone 2.640 ISK
Online 2.400 ISK
Courier Telegrams  
By phone 3.215 ISK
Online 2.855 ISK
Condolence cards  
Base price ( + charity amount of choice) 790 ISK
Telegram copy  
Each copy 505 ISK
Sent by mail 250 ISK


Telegrams - Delivery

Delivery in the Capital Area

Business Telegrams are delivered weekdays. Delivery to businesses is after 13:00, if telegrams arrive before 11:15 and  to private customers after 17:00, if telegrams arrive before 14:15. Telegrams arriving after 14:15 are delivered the next day.

A notice is left if delivery fails. Then the business telegram can be picked up at the post office the next day. The notice is addressed to addressee only. Addressee can give a written proxy to others before pick up. A photo id and the notice has to be shown.

Other telegrams are delivered weekdays after 17:00, Saturdays after 16:00. If no one is at home the telegrams are left in the mailbox or mail-slot.

Delivery in other dense areas

All weekdays, once a day. Closed on weekends.

Delivery in rural areas

Rural postmen delivery, 3-5 days a week. Closed on weekends.

Delivery of My Telegrams

My Telegrams arriving before closing are delivered the same day in the Capital Area. If no one is at home the telegrams are left in the mailbox or mail-slot.

In other areas My Telegrams are delivered the next day, if they arrive before 15:00. Orders after 15:00 Thursdays are delivered on Mondays. Orders after 15:00 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are delivered on Tuesdays.

Rates - all

Rates for products, services and printer friendly

All rates are subject to change.

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