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Upload digital photos from your computer and design your own stamps.

This product is unavailable at the moment, please contact the Postphil team via

How about putting your photos on a traditional form and design your very own personalized stamps? Friends and family do enjoy pictures on Christmas cards so make this year more memorable with this years stamps.

You upload your photo and put it on your own stamp. Up to 24 different photos on each stamp sheet.

Orders are processed and delivered within 5 weekdays domestically and within 7 weekdays to Europe and within 14 weekdays outside Europe. My Stamps are available with 50g domestic postage, 50g to Europe and 50g outside Europe. See price for My Stamps.

Video - This is how you design your own stamps

Turn on the sound and see how easy it is to create your own stamps.

Choose the best template for your photo

This product is unavailable at the moment, please contact the Postphil team via




1) Domestic 50 g                     2) To Europe 50 g              3) Outside Europe 50 g



4) Domestic 50 g                  5) To Europe 50 g                6) Outside Europe 50 g

Design your own stamps 

  • Select type and format depending on your photo
  • Create an account and upload your photo
  • Enter the address where the stamps should be delivered
  • Select the number of sheets, each sheet has 24 stamps (50g postage)
  • Payment with credit card
  • Print receipt
  • Your stamps will be delivered by Iceland Post

My Stamps (Landscape) rotate your photo by 90° clockwise for a better fit.




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