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My Address list

Your contacts list is always correct when sending Christmas cards or invitations.

My address list is a free service where you can make your own address list. You can sign up now and start making address lists, as many as you want.

Benefits of My Address list:

  • You can have many address lists, i.e. one for Christmas cards and one for invitations
  • You can search the post address database by name or ID number
  • You can enter your own information, for example for international addresses
  • You can choose to have the address list automatically updated, so you will always have the correct address
  • You can change the addressee any time, for example is you want to store email addresses
  • You can choose addressees from your address list when you design and send cards.
  • Try it today! (Only available in Icelandic)

Open My Address list


Order a printout

Order a printout of your address list, on labels if you want to label the envelopes yourself or a printout directly on the envelopes. Save time and effort and let us print out your list. You pay a starting fee for each list, a price per piece for labels/envelopes and we send it to you for free! See the rates for a printout of your address list.

The labels come in one size, but you can choose from two sizes of envelopes. You can order stamps as well or buy them at the next post office or any of the sales locations around Iceland.

Order a printout

My Address list and My cards

When you have created your address list you can design your own greeting card and use the names on your address list. You can order labels, addressed envelopes and various sizes of cards.

Cards are delivered directly to the addressee, but labels and envelopes along with stamps are sent to the buyer. The Greeting card web and your address list will save you time and effort.

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