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Mail scanning

Get us to scan in all your mail

Now you can get Iceland post to scan all your mail for you instead of getting them in your mailbox, so you have the option of receiving your mail in your own personal area, where you organize it and store in a safe and secure place.

Iceland Post scans your mail and displays it on

Q & A

Where do I apply for this service?

On You need to log onto it as a user, get a password sent to your bank and fill out an application because of scanning service mail.

What should not be sent in scanning?

Envelopes containing for example:

  •        Credit Cards
  •        Credentials (such as a passport , driver's license )
  •        Admission tickets (e.g. from )
  •        Pin numbers (known envelopes with tears on either side )
  •        Christmas cards
  •        Number of Posts
  •        Newspapers and magazines
  •        The original (sometimes comes to pass on the envelope )
  •        Other than paper

It is possible that the letter containing the above can arrive at our establishment as a scanning where the content is not known until after opening. Letter is then closed again and sent to your address.


How much does the service cost?

Scanning (Save) - The annual fee for 5700 kr. **
Scanning (Discard) - The annual fee for 3900 kr. **
  •        *Price including VAT.
  •     ** Prices are based on average number of shares is a maximum of 14 pc per month.


Individuals and small businesses with an average of 14 letters to a maximum per month can choose to pay an annual fee or monthly fee.  


Individuals or companies that are an average of 15 letters or more per month pay per unit price pcs. An invoice will be sent out monthly. Need to apply for credit in the mail. For more information, please contact the corporate Post office; phone 580-1000, send an email to our customer service representative; or use the live chat to the right.


What will be done with my mail after it has been scanned?

There are two options available: Save or discard.

  • Save:  Your mail is scanned in and we keep it until the beginning of the month. Then we send it to your email.
  • Discard:  Mail is then scanned in and we keep it for 30 days. After the storage period then we disposed of it with our mail shredder.


Can I get my email scanned if I live abroad?

We scan only mail that is addressed to the domestic address. When people move abroad, then their legal residence is at the National Registry.

The international address that you have provided to scan from needs to match the redirection of the letter.


What if the letter is lost and is not scanned or sent by mistake in abandoning?

Terms of common bonds also apply to general letters of scanning, i.e. No responsibility is taken if the transmission is lost or mistakenly sent elsewhere. Terms for public postings are based on the law on postal services. We suggest, however, a lot of us to avoid mistakes and if this happens please let us know so that it is possible to identify what process can be adapted.


How do you categorize my email from other scanned mail?

We have your address listed as you wish from scanning. All letters that are addressed to your email address and your full name sorted automatically via the sorting machine. The machine reads the outside of the letter and is consistent with our base listing. It applies to the letters that are mailed in the metropolitan area or mailed in the countryside but are still sorted in the sorting center in Reykjavik.


To prevent mistakes the machine is very precise, the importance of the full name of the recipient stated in the letter and the endorsement has to be very clear. The letters that the machine cannot read are sent to the appropriate distribution center in your district / municipality where the mailman takes the shipment and forwards it to the message scanner. Letters that cannot be read by the sorting machine can be delayed between 1-2 days.

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