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Shipments to Spain and Italy

Important information to sender before mailing letters & parcels to Spain.

The Spanish Customs have frequently stopped shipments to individuals. To avoid deilays in delivery it is important the senders carefully study these issues:


Detailed description of content

It's not enough to write "Gift" or "Personal belonging". It's very important to write exactly each content of the shipment and its value.


Value below 45 EUR

Gifts up to 45 EUR are duty free.


Value between 45 and 150 EUR

If gifts are of value between 45 and 150 EUR the receiver needs to fill out a the form Sworn Declaration and send it to the Spanish Customs. For further information here is the form with instructions.


Value exceeding 150 EUR

If the value exceeds 150 EUR an invoice must be included in the shipment and the receiver can not get the shipment without having a Spanish fiscal ID.


In all cases you need to write information about contents and value.


Important information to senders before mailing letters & parcels to Italy.

We recommend placing invoices on the outside of the parcels to Italy, otherwise they could be stopped at Customs. It is sufficient to send a proforma invoice.


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