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An export report (form E-2.1 with Directorate of Customs) needs to be attached to all goods exported.

Who has to?

  • Businesses exporting merchandise (according to 140 gr. tollalaga nr. 88/2005)
  • All returns(private customer and business)
  • All repairs (private customer and business)

Necessary documents

Mail-order to private customers

The Directorate of Customs can allow business's using mail-order to file one export report for shipments every two months.
The conditions are:

  • The value of each shipment is less than 30.00 ISK
  • Mail order for private customers



  • Invoice has to show return of goods
  • Value of goods and duty category
  • Documents of import if a refund of duty is to be claimed
  • Request for inspection (form E-14 with Directorate of Customs)

Further information are available on Directorate of Customs website.

Iceland Post offers customs report services for a fee. All necessary documents have to be attached when a shipment is mailed.

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