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When sending a domestic parcel you can buy added services for your shipment.

Notification of delivery

You can buy an notification of delivery for registered items, that is a written confirmation that the addressee has received the registered item. The notification of delivery form is filled out by the sender and attached to the registered item. The notification of delivery, signed by the addressee and the mailman delivering the item, is returned to the sender after the registered item has been delivered. Postage for the return of the advice of delivery to the sender is included in the rate.

In the Póststoð mailing software for domestic items you need to tick the box marked „móttökukvittun" and the notification of delivery is printed out on a printer for regular paper (A4).

Cash on delivery

Domestic cash on delivery is a service where you can have the addressee pay for the contents or services related to the parcel. The parcels must be clearly marked „Póstkrafa" in the upper left corner on the address side of the parcels along with the cash on delivery amount. Any correction or strike through of the amount is not allowed. The parcels shall be marked with an orange coloured triangle shaped label.

The sender has to fill out a dispatch note and tick the box for cash on delivery or fill out the dispatch note using the Póststoð mailing software.
While the cash on delivery parcel is in the care of Iceland Post the sender can in writing ask for the parcel to be delivered to the addressee without collection of the cash on delivery amount, or against the collection of a different cash on delivery amount than stated on the parcel and accompanying dispatch note.

Cash on delivery parcels must be collected within 30 days from arrival at the post office of destination. The sender can extend the time for a further 30 days by a written notice to the post office of destination. Cash on delivery parcels are registered at the time of mailing and time of delivery or time of return to sender. The cash on delivery amount is paid into the sender's bank account within 3 work days from the collection of the cash on delivery parcel.

Size limits

Size limits are the same as for domestic parcels.


The parcel is delivered to the destination following the payment of the amount. No maximum limit is to the amount.

Payment available

The addressee can pay with card or cash.

Deliver to addressee only

Parcels are generally delivered to anyone present at the delivery address. As an additional service, parcels can be delivered to the addressee only. Parcels containing alcohol and fire arms are obligated and it is the sender's responsibility to inform about the contents and use the service. The addressee must be twenty years of age in order to receive the parcel.

Domestic bulky and odd sized items

Bulky and odd sized items, such as a bicycle or an exhaust pipe, incur a bulky surcharge in addition to the postage rate according to the weight of the item. This does not apply to items that fall under the definition of volume rates.

Domestic express parcels

You can send an Express parcel which is delivered to the door with special priority. In towns where Iceland Post does not offer delivery to the door, express parcels, 0-30 kg., are however delivered to the door. Express parcels must be identified with a special sticker.

Expedited pick up

When in a hurry an expedited pick up is available. If a parcel is taken out of procedure of delivery the receiver has to pay a fee when picking up the parcel.


Fragile items should be packed in strong box filled with an appropriate protective material to prevent any friction or knocks either between the objects themselves or between the objects and the sides of the box during transport. Hollow items should be filled with padding (Styrofoam beads, sawdust, etc.) to prevent damage due to changes in pressure.

Home delivery

If you have received an advice of arrival of a letter or a parcel, you can order home delivery for a fee in post code areas where Iceland Post offers delivery to the door.

Order home delivery

Postal insurance

Postal Insurance is additional insurance for mail items worth up to ISK 3,000,000. Postal Insurance is guarantied by Sjóvá and is not subject to VAT. The premium depends on the value of the mail item. The following formula is used to calculate premiums: 0.005 x value of mail item.

The only necessary action is to complete a form for the mail that can be obtained from the nearest Post Office or tick the box when registering items online or in Póststoð mailing software.

What mail items can be insured?

Postal Insurance is available for mail registered in the Iceland Post computer system. This includes:

  • Domestic Registered letters
  • International Registered letters
  • Domestic Parcels, registered
  • International Parcels

Transportation conditions

Insurance cover is according to Sjóvá Transportation Insurance Conditions A along with war and strike conditions, with these exceptions as specified in the conditions:

  • Damage caused by force or extreme carelessness on the part of the insured.
  • Damage due to insufficient, inappropriate or poorly applied packaging.
  • Damage due to internal damage or which may be traced to the nature of the product.
  • Damage caused by delay, even though the delay is the result of reimbursable damage.

If mail is damaged or lost

Please contact Service Desk / Business Service and we will assist you.

Rural postmen

Rural postmen are a post office on wheels, a substitute for a regular post office. Rural postmen deliver shipments up to 30 kg. Heavier shipments have to be collected at the post office from which the rural postmen descents. Rural postmen provide postal service 3-5 days a week in a few small towns and rural areas. Rural postmen deliver mail to rural areas but also collect shipments from senders.

SMS notice

If a sender provides a mobile phone number of receiver we will send an SMS notice when the parcel is in delivery. Available at post offices and when registering shipment online and using Póststoð mailing software.

SMS notice - Parcel at post office

Addressee receives the SMS notice as soon as the parcel arrives at a post office and is able to collect it the same day.

SMS notice - Parcel in home delivery

Addressee receives the SMS notice before home delivery is attempted and is able to make arrangements.

One attempt to deliver and if no one is at home a notice is left. The parcel can be picked up the next day at the local post office.

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