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Don't have time to go to the post office to buy stamps? Use your mobile phone to buy stamps.

Now you can buy domestic stamps, sending an SMS with your mobile phone.

Send an SMS to 1900 with the text F and the number of stamps you want to buy. You will receive a five (5) digit numeric code valid for domestic stamps less than 50 g. Each code is valid for seven days, from the date the SMS is sent until a letter is mailed.

The number is written in the top right corner of an envelope or postcard, the same position as if it were a regular stamp.


  • F 1 is valid for a single letter
  • F 21 is valid for 21 letters
  • F 50 is valid for 50 letters (maximum per SMS).

The rate for SMS stamps is the same as for regular stamps. The amount is charged to the mobile phone number sending the SMS.

The SMS stamps can be bought with all mobile phones by sending an SMS and for smart phones SMS stamps can be bought through the App.

Regular stamps can be bought at stamp sales location and you can design your own stamps for special occasions.

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