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Stamps are payment slips for the carriage charged for letters and/or parcels carried by domestic or international postal services.


Stamps are available at Post Offices around Iceland and with several local stamps dealers.


SMS stamps

Don't have time to go to the post office to buy stamps? Now you can buy domestic stamps, sending an SMS with your mobile phone. SMS stamps.

Iceland Post Postphil

You can buy Icelandic stamps and become a subscriber with Iceland Post Postphil. About 30 new stamps are issued every year, each one individually designed. Iceland Post's Postphil has it's own website were you can buy stamps online. is in five languages since Icelandic stamps are sought after around the world.  See

Collect stamps

Iceland Post - Postphil issues Icelandic stamps every year. You can start your Icelandic stamp collection here. Further information regarding Icelandic stamps can be found on the website

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