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Rates - Letters & stamps

Rates - Domestic Letters and Stamps

Regular letters

Valid from 1.2.2018.

Weight Regular letters
0-50 g 180 ISK
51-100 g 210 ISK
101-250 g 225 ISK
251-500 g 285 ISK
501-1000 g 500 ISK
1001-2000 g 655 ISK

Regular letters – distributed within the following three week days


Quick letters

Valid from 1.2.2018.

Weight Priority letters
0-100 g 595 ISK

Quick letters – distributed the next week day


Rates - Letters added service

Valid from 1.6.2016.

Service Rates

International reply coupon

305 ISK

Express delivery (International CP)

510 ISK

Home delivery

700 ISK

Advice of receipt (Registered letters)

290 ISK

Rates - Registered letters

Valid from 1.1.2018.

Weight Registered receiver (1) Delivered at address (2) Delivered at a Post Office (3)
0-100 g 1.230 ISK 1.125 ISK 920 ISK
101-500 g 1.415 ISK 1.300 ISK 1.060 ISK
501-1000 g 1.625 ISK 1.485 ISK 1.220 ISK
1001-2000 g 1.870 ISK 1.710 ISK 1.400 ISK

(1) Delivered to addressee only unless a written proxy is presented. (2) Can be delivered to anyone present at the address. (3) Delivered to addressee only unless a written proxy is presented.

Registered letters are stored for 10 weekdays free of charge after they arrive at the post office. After that period, a 195 ISK storage fee for each weekday must be paid.

Rates - Bulky letters

Valid from 1.2.2017.

Weight Rates
0-2000 g 990 ISK

Rates - All

All rates of products, services and printer friendly


All rates are subject to change.

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