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Domestic letters 0-50g can be sent with and without priority.

Addressed mail weighing less than 2 kg, are considered to be a letter. Any letter not fitting through a letter slot is considered to be a bulky letter. Unregistered letters are not traceable and there is no compensation paid if they are lost. Here are the rates for domestic letters.


You can mail letters with Business Service at the nearest Post Office or post box. To insure correct handling we recommend that letters abroad are mailed at the Post Office.

What can I send?

Maximum size: length + width + depth = 900 mm, with maximum length <600 mm. Minimum size: 90 x 140 mm.

Weight categories: 0 - 50 g, 51 - 100 g, 101 - 250 g, 251 - 500 g, 501 - 1.000 g, 1.001 - 2.000 g.

Letters 0-50 g can be sent with A or B priority, if letters are not labelled with B priority they will be sent with A priority. See guideline for B priority labeling.pdf or download B priority print


Domestic letters are delivered to addressee with A priority on the first week day after mailing and B priority no later than on the third week day after mailing if sender mailed the letter before last defined mailing hours (LAT). Generally letters are delivered between 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday.

Letters from abroad

Foreign letters are upon arrival handled as domestic letters.

Nice to know

For letters and registered letters with other contents than documents a Customs note is necessary. The Customs note needs to be filled in, in English, or the destination language and content and value have to be stated. Service desk can provide you with further information. Different rules apply in each destination country.

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