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Christmas posting dates

Everyone wants the Christmas cards and parcels to arrive in time.

Here are the last guaranteed due dates for items to be mailed.


Posting dates 2018


Domestic parcels 

Date Service
19. December Domestic parcels


International parcels



Date Service
10. December Economy parcels
14. December Exprés and Priority parcels 


Date Service
10. December Economy parcels
13. December Exprés and Priority parcels


Date Service
10. December Economy parcels

Other countries

Date Service
10. December Priority parcels

Here you can find rates for international parcels and here is the delivery time for international parcels.


Domestic letters 

Date Service
17. December Non priority domestic letters


International letters


Date Service
10. December Non priority
14. December Priority

 Outside Europe

Date Service
3. December Non priority
10. December Priority

Here you can find rates for international letters and here is the delivery time for international letters. Here are the rates for domestic letters 

Post offices and mailboxes

You can mail your Christmas cards with stamps in post boxes but you have to deliver the Christmas parcels at the post office.


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