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We can hold your mail, while you are away, at the post office of your choice.

To hold your mail, please contact your nearest post office.

Hold mail is a service available when you are going away temporarily. Iceland Post will redirect all mail addressed to you to the post office of your choice, where you can collect your mail upon your return, or it will be delivered to you the next business day. Order Hold mail for the period you need. The service fee is a monthly fee and covers the redirection of your mail from your address to a post office.

Hold mail retention period is 60 days for unregistered mail, unless otherwise agreed upon, and 30 days for registered mail. Mail held at the post office should be collected regularly so that large volumes of uncollected mail will not cause problems for the post office. Any person with a signed power of attorney can collect the mail on the addressee's behalf, for instance in case of a long stay abroad or if the addresse cannot collect the mail himself for other reasons.

Iceland Post also offers P.O. boxes that are rented on a yearly basis. Mail delivered to post office boxes has to be collected at least every 60 days or it will be returned to sender.

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