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Change of address

When you change your address you need to notify us about all family members. Fill out the appropriate form, domestic or international.

 To change your address you need to visit the nearest post office.

How can I make sure that I receive my mail?

When you move you need to notify us of your change of address. For redirection to become effective, you will have to pay a redirection fee for the period you want your mail to be redirected to your new address. The redirection only applies to unregistered letters. We recommend the minimum period of 3 months, in that time you should be able to notify other regular senders.

You can also notify us of your change of address without paying a redirection fee. In that case all letters addressed to your old address will not be redirected but will instead be returned to sender.

At the new address

Correct labelling of mail-slots and postboxes makes delivering mail easier for mail carriers and drivers. You can order a door sign for labelling. If you have requested no junk mail at your old address you need to remove that labelling. If you want to continue not receiving junk mail you have to reapply for the new address by filling out a request for no junk mail

Here are the rates for redirected mail, hold mail and door signs.

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