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Mailing software

No dispatch note to fill, just print the mailing label with Póststoð.

Póststoð is a mailing software for businesses sending regularly domestic letters, registered letters, parcels and cash on delivery. Póststoð is a free software that simplifies mail preparation and enhances the security of your mail.


By using Póststoð you will not need to fill out any dispatch notes as the software prints out labels with all relevant information and a unique bar-code that is put on the mail item.

How it works

  • Prints a mailing label with information and bar-code.
  • Sends data automatically to Iceland Post.
  • Printable mailing lists
  • Email available with shipment status, received, missing, paid COD etc.

What can I send?

Domestic shipments, letters, registered letters, parcels, buying agreements and cash on delivery.

Try Póststoð

Online at you can find directions for installing and set up. Each user is given a four digit code, the beginning of the shipment number. Contact Corporate Sales and try Póststoð.


Delivery is dependant of shipping method; letter, parcel or larger shipment.

Nice to know

Póststoð can be linked with your business sales information software. If you are sending single shipments and do not have a mailing label printer, use online registration.

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