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How well do you want to service your foreign customers?

Exprés parcel or regular?

It may depend on the product you deliver and the level of service you are willing to provide your customers with.

Services Intl. Parcel Exprés Parcel
Damages 22.500 ISK 82.350 ISK
Home delivery No Yes
Weight limit Yes Yes
Paper dispatch note Yes No
Online registration Yes Yes
Area The World Europe (see list)
Added service available Yes No
Customs report included No Yes
Fragile Yes* No
Proof of delivery Yes Yes

*Fragile and Bulk parcels to countries with the services available have an added fee of 50% plus normal rate.

International Parcels

Parcels abroad can be delivered by air mail or by sea.


Business Parcels

Better service, track and trace in route, fixed delivery date, home delivery and customs report included are the benefits of Business Parcels.


Nice to know

All sold items need to have an invoice attached. An export report has to be filed electronicly with customs.

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