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Domestic parcels

Different delivery and rates are available for domestic parcels.

You can send parcels of any size or shape with Iceland Post. Each parcel gets a shipping number which enables you to track and trace your parcel.  We recommend for shipments of high value that you buy an additional postal insurance, only a minimum insurance is included. Here are the rates for domestic parcels.


You can register your parcel online before you bring it to a post office or Business service picks it up. Online registration delivers shipping information directly to Iceland Post and speeds up the process.

What can I send?

Minimum size is an envelope 90 x 140 mm. The volumetric weight is used if it's higher that the actual weight of the item. Bulky and odd sized items, include a bulky surcharge in addition to the postage rate according to the weight of the item. Yes, you can send a bicycle in the mail. If you have a large shipment, contact Business Sales and get an offer.

Domestic parcels added service

Added service for domestic parcels include fragile material, priority services where parcels are delivered to locations where no delivery service is available, special mail deliveries of heavy mail items and payment-on-delivery services. Check out added services of domestic parcels to ensure that mail is handled appropriately.


Post Office Parcel

A Post Office Parcel is handed over at the respective Post Office on presentation of the notification (printed or SMS text message) and identification with a photo. The recipient may also give written permission for another person to collect the parcel from the Post Office on her or his behalf. Post Office Parcels can be identified by their red labels. A Post Office parcel is available in all post codes. If a mail item has an attached document or a parcel number but no label to indicate the delivery method, then the mail item will be categorized as a Post Office Parcel, without exception. Parcels are stored for 10 weekdays free of charge after they arrive at the post office. After that period, a 195 ISK storage fee for each weekday must be paid.

Home Delivery Parcel

Home Delivery parcels are delivered to individuals from Monday to Friday, 17:00-22:00, and to businesses from Monday to Friday, 09:00-17:00 where a delivery service is available. If the item was posted before 16:30, the parcel will be delivered 1-3 days after posting.
One attempt is made to deliver the parcel, and if that attempt fails, then a notification is left. In this case, the parcel can be collected from the respective Post Office the next working day on presentation of the notification. Home Delivery parcels can be identified by their green labels.
Home Delivery Parcel is available in post codes with home delivery.

SMS Notice

If the sender registers the recipient's mobile phone number, then the recipient will receive an SMS text message before an attempt is made to deliver the parcel and the recipient can make the necessary provisions.

Nice to know

Rural Postmen provide a 3-5-day delivery service in a limited number of urban areas and in all rural areas. Rural Postmen deliver all registered mail up to 30 kg in weight and/or 0.125 m3 to the recipients' homes. If a mail item exceeds these measurements, then the Post Office will contact the customer and ask him or her to collect the mail or accept delivery for an additional fee.

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