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Courier service

Order a courier by phone 580 1100 or order a courier online.

Do you have to deliver something right away?

Iceland Post offers Courier service to businesses in the Capital area (excluded postal codes 116, 271, 276) and in Akureyri. The courier collects shipments up to 30 kg, from businesses and delivers them directly to the addressee, businesses or individuals. Here are the rates for Courier service.


Order a courier by phone 580 1100 or order a courier online.

What can I send?

Letters and parcels up to 30 kg. Each courier can collect several shipments at business and deliver to multiple addresses.

  • Week days from 09:00 - 17:00
  • Collected from sender
  • Delivered right away, to business or individual


Our goal is to deliver the shipment within 90 minutes from when the courier is ordered until it has reached the recipient, it being a business or individual.

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