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Cash on delivery

Domestic cash on delivery parcels are delivered to the door or at a post office, a fee is added to the shipping cost.

Domestic cash on delivery is a service where you can have the addressee pay for the contents or services related to the parcel. Parcels can be sent to a post office, home delivered or with same day service and cash on delivery is an added service where a fee is added to the rate of chosen delivery.


Cash on delivery parcels can be mail with Business service and at a post office. The parcels must be clearly marked „Póstkrafa" in the upper left corner on the address side of the parcels along with the cash on delivery amount.  Any correction or strike through of the amount is not allowed. The parcels shall be marked with an orange coloured triangle shaped label.

Use either the online registration for parcels or our mailing software Póststoð, and follow the steps required to fill out the dispatch note and print a mailing label.

What can I send?

Size limits are the same as for domestic parcels. International cash on delivery is no longer available.


The parcel is delivered at destination following the payment of the amount. No maximum limit is to the amount.  The addressee can pay with a cash card or cash.

Cash on delivery parcels must be collected within 30 days from arrival at the post office of destination. The sender can extend the time for a further 30 days by a written notice to the post office of destination. Cash on delivery parcels are registered at the time of mailing and time of delivery or time of return to sender.

Nice to know

Cash on delivery can not be charged to a credit card. While the cash on delivery parcel is in the care of Iceland Post the sender can in writing ask for the parcel to be delivered to the addressee without collection of the cash on delivery amount, or against the collection of a different cash on delivery amount than stated on the parcel and accompanying dispatch note. The cash on delivery amount is paid into the sender's bank account within 3 work days from the collection of the cash on delivery parcel.

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