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Business agreement

The mailing of a buying agreement is only available with an advance contract. Contact Corporate Sales for further information.

When selling a product you can send a buying agreement to by signed. A buying agreement can be attached to a registered letter or domestic parcel.

When the buyer wants to have his bank account or credit card charged with the amount of services rendered you can use a buying agreement.
With the signature on the buying agreement the buyer allows the seller to charge him for the product or service.


The mailing of a buying agreement is only available with an advance contract. Contact Corporate Sales by phone 580 1090 or email for further information.

What can I send?

We recommend a registered letters if you are only sending documents to be signed. If a product is being shipped then it is a parcel. The size limits are diffrent for registered letters and parcels.

The shipment must include a plastic envelope: "Buying agreement - Delivery to addressee only on signing of buying agreement. To be opened by courier upon delivery". The envelope shall be placed on a highly visible place, preferable the front of the parcel. If no room is on the front, a label indicating the buying agreement needs to be there.
The plastic envelope must contain a regular envelope to return the buying agreement, addressed to receiver and registered. "Kaupsamningur" shall also be written on the return envelope.


Addressee only can receive the shipment with a buying agreement, personal id is required and proxy is not valid.
Upon delivery the receiver signs the buying agreement, gets a copy and the shipment.

Nice to know

A buying agreement is a guarantied way to do business when buyer and seller are not in the same place at the same time.

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