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Unaddressed mail

Advertising and promotional material we distribute to homes and businesses.

Advertising and promotional material distributed to businesses and homes is called unaddressed mail. You choose the zone best suited for you, the whole country, certain areas or certain postal codes. Only addresses with the label "No advertising mail" are excluded, everyone else will get a copy.

Unaddressed mail gives you the opportunity to send a more detailed message about your product or service than other form of advertising. If you want to boost your sales, try unaddressed mail. Here are the rates.


If larger than A4 we recommend a newspaper layout. Advertising mail can be mailed at post offices and with business service, not in mailboxes. Contact Business Service with at least 24 hours notice before first day of delivery to place an order. Smaller localized distributions in postal codes outside the Capital Area can be order with less notice. Preferred days can be full and in that case a service representative will assist you in finding other days.

The volume of distribution has to arrive before 13:00 hours week days, at least 24 hours before first day of distribution.

Number of homes and businesses in each postal code so you can find the right volume to print and distribute.

What can I send?

  • Advertising/promotion: Like the brochure from IKEA, distributed to all homes.
  • Newspaper: A free copy of a local newspaper, distributed to selected postal codes.
  • Information: Notice from a utility company, distributed to selected postal codes.
  • Sample: A free sample that fits through a mail slot, distributed to businesses in all postal codes in the Capital Area.

For more information contact Corporate Sales about all possibilities.

Name of company/person responsible needs to be visible on the unaddressed mail. Maximum size is the mail slot: 260 x 350 x 25 mm. Minimum size in an envelope 90 x 140 mm.


Unaddressed mail is distributed week days. Available days are:

  • Monday and Tuesday (two day delivery)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday (two day delivery)
  • Wednesday and Thursday (two day delivery)
  • Thursday (two day delivery / single day delivery in capital area and Akureyri)
  • Thursday and Friday (two day delivery)

If a holiday is on any distribution day, standing orders of distribution will move forward.

Nice to know

Unaddressed mail is not traceable and is not liable for damages.

We value your privacy

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