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The Box is a new type of direct mail, delivered to recipients to the door.

The Box is a new type of direct mail, where we collect samples and offers from businesses and send to a selected target group. The Box is a product presentation where the target market is reached in an efficiant way. Type of boxes are for instance the Car Box, the Golf Box and the Children Box.

We select the recipients, collect the items for each Box and deliver the Box at home to the customer. The Box is brilliant for businesses operating on consumer markets, because the products in the Box are tangible and customized for the target market.


If you are interested in placing your product in the Box, contact Corporate Sales.

What can I send?

  • Samples
  • Small branded items
  • Brochure
  • T-shirt
  • Toys
  • Etc.

If it fits in the Box, it will reach the target audiance.


Home delivery, to the door.

Nice to know

Your mailing lists are prepaired expecially before the Box is shipped. Contact Corporate Sales by phone 580 1069 or email

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