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Reply letters

Reply letters

Reply letters are prepared by sender for feedback.

Send a reply letter if you want to receive answers or get feedback from your customers without charging them. You can send an envelope or have a tear off with "postage prepaid" and then you, the sender, will by charged with the postage fee. This will increase the response you can expect.

Follow instructions for reply letters.pdf. (Only in Icelandic)


I ensure correct handling we recommend mailing reply letters at a post office or with Business Service.

What can I send?


Envelope or card, minimum size 90 x 140 mm, maximum size 229 x 324 x 10 mm, maximum weight 1 kg. instead of a postage stamp the text reads "No stamp required, reply paid". Also between two bold horizontal lines the text "REPLY LETTER". Below the horizontal line you put the name and address of the recipient.  

To REIMS* countries

Envelope or card, minimum size 90 x 140 mm, maximum size 229 x 324 x 10 mm, maximum weight 2 kg. In the top right corner instead of a postage stamp a crossed over box containing the text: "Ne pas affranchir" and "No stamp required". Clearly marked between two horizontal lines shall be written: "REPLY PAID / RESPONSE PAYEE ICELAND / ISLANDE". Below the horizontal line you put the name, address and the postal code of the recipient. In the top left corner shall be printed: "A PRIORITAIRE / PAR AVION". Below that, a license number shall be printed,  "IBRS/CCRI NO:", assigned to you by Business Service.

*Countries within the REIMS agreement:  Austria, Belgium, Britain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Vatican.


Internationally the maximum weight is 50 gr, otherwise the same size, labelling and printing applies for reply letters as for the REIMS countries.


Recipient (previously sender) pays the postage for reply letters when they return. If the sender does not have an account which can be charged the reply letters are collected at a post office and have to be paid for when picked up. If the sender has an account, it is charged and the reply letters delivered by selected service method.

Nice to know

Most colours for printing can be used, as long as the are distinguishing from background. Fluorescent and pastel colours can not be used. If a card is being sent the paper weight has to be at least 150 g/m2.

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