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Mailing lists

Contact Corporate Sales by phone 580 1090 and get a mailing list for your target market.

When you want to reach out to your target market, do you have a certain group of people or businesses in mind? We can create a mailing list according to your needs.

We use information from these databases:

  • Business directory
  • National directory
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Real Estate registry
  • Other databases i.e. 800 largest businesses

The mailing list contains names, address', postal codse and places. Additional information can also be provided such as emails and phone numbers. If the list is businesses key management names are also available for 800 largest businesses.

We can also take your mailing the steps further and follow up. We can arrange the printing and packaging and the delivery of direct mail. All you need in order to get your message to your customers.

Contact Corporate Sales by phone 580 1000 or email  

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