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Advertising in various form sent to a targeted audience.

Direct mail is a strong and personal advertising medium used when sending a targeted group an addressed message. Direct mail is suitable when promoting a service or product and a great way to get the attention of potential customers.


What is your target audience? You can buy a specially prepared mailing list from us, contact Corporate Sales and get an offer.

What can I send?

  • Advertising/promotion: Are you offering your services to new customers?
  • Information: Are you having a sale and want to invite selected customer to a pre-opening?
  • Sample: Send a sample and offer a first buy discount.
You can send almost anything. Letters and brochures are most common but we have delivered flowerpots with seeds, batteries for smoke alarms, and various items. Recipients enjoy clever direct mail, a well thought out direct mail increases good will. Set your imagination free and find out what we can send.
Keep in mind the measurement of the mail slot: 260 x 350 x 25 mm, everything larger has to be delivered as a parcel.


Method of delivery is determined whether you are sending a letter or a parcel. We will assist you in finding the delivery method suitable for your customers, loyal or new ones.

Nice to know

Direct mail is a measurable and an effective medium. According to a survey conducted by Capecent in 2008, 68.3% of Icelanders read direct mail when it is addressed to them by name.
The effectiveness of direct mail is huge, 75% of women and 62% of men look at direct mail. You get in direct contact with your customers (segmented by location, age, gender etc.)

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