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A discount is available for customers sending bulk-mail.

When a large number of addressed letters of the same shape, size and weight are mailed at one time, we call that bulk mail.  


The letters need to be the same shape, size and weight. Items shall always be sorted by postal codes when mailed. Minimum quantity per mailing is 500 pcs for 0-50 g letters and 250 pcs for letters weighing 51-2000 gr. Items 0-50 gr can be mailed with Distribution Centre, Business Service or at a post office outside the Capital Area.

What can I send?

Sizes are different when sending mail sortable by hand or by machine. Sortable by machine 0-50 gr is maximum size 250 x 180 x 5 mm. Sortable by hand 0-50 gr and 51-2000 gr is maximum size 260 x 350 x 25 mm. Letters sortable by machine (only in Icelandic) need to fulfil certain conditions in order fit Iceland's Post sorting machine.


See rates for Bulk Mail.


Bulk mail is delivered with the same criteria as Letters.

Nice to know

Customers who send 20.000 or more letters over a period of three months can have higher discount rates. From September 1st 2017 additional discounts for sending letters 0-50gr. will no longer be available. You can receive more information concerning additional discounts in our Terms and Conditions (only available in Icelandic)

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