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Office supplies, boxes for wrapping, gifts and goodies.

On new post offices owned and run by Iceland Post we aim to provide a great service to our customers. Enjoy preparing your shipment in the nice environment at the post office, we are always ready to assist and advice.

We try to meet our customers needs with a wide range of products.

Office supplies

Stationary, office supplies and useful products for students are available at most post offices. Do you need paper for your printer or envelopes for your letters?

For travellers

Travellers are frequent guests at post offices, mainly when sending postcards back home. Postcards and stamps are in great variety and souvenirs with stamp related theme. You can send a message in a bottle, we sell them fitting through a mail slot.

A treat in the package

Are you sending a package abroad to friends or family? Icelandic candy as a small treat in a package is always welcome.


Since 2006 Iceland Post has issued a Christmas ornament with the theme from the Christmas stamps each year.
The ornament, Jólaprýði, is available in both gold and silver, single items or 4 in a set.
The Christmas ornament is also available online at


Gift wrapping and other packaging for shipping is available in a wide selection.
Greeting cards, padded envelopes and post boxes as well as gift boxes, the choice is yours. See rates for packaging.

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