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Iceland Post

The role of Iceland Post is to offer reliable services for companies and individuals in the field of distribution, communications and logistics, as well as other areas that pertain to these activities. It is Iceland Post's vision statement to be a progressive and powerful company in mail and product distribution by providing a reliable and stable service around the country and the world, which is based on recognized quality standards. In addition, Iceland Post will work towards profitable growth with the interests of its customers, employees and owners as its goal.

Iceland Post distribution network reaches all homes and businesses. Post offices and rural postmen provide customers with complete postal service regardless of location. Iceland Post operates internationally with other postal services and partner organisations postal services and partner organisations transporting products to and from Iceland, thus creating links with distribution systems all around the world.

In 1776, King Christian VII of Denmark issued a decree that a postal system should be established in Iceland. Two years later regular postal sailings began in Iceland and Denmark; one trip a year. The first Icelandic stamps were issued in 1873, and by that time the postal system had been put under local administration and the first post offices had been established. In 1935, postal and telephone services were merged under one name, Póstur og sími.

Iceland Post ltd. was incorporated when the company Póstur og sími was divided in 1998. The company is one of the largest employers in the country with about 1000 employees. It is a young company, but its foundation has roots that reach back through 230 years of postal service in Iceland.

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