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The future of mail service

Iceland Post's ideas for the future.

The past few years have seen fundamental changes in the postal service industry. Mail volume has been decreasing rapidly and today cost behind the legally binding distribution network is higher than the revenue it is generating. Should the postal service not be funded by taxpayers in the future, Iceland post will have to change its services, in line with the changing times.

Adjustments to the distribution days


By adjusting the number of distribution days of letter mail, instead of delivering mail daily, we will be cutting of costs and price their services according to the needs of consumers.

Curbside mailboxes


Curbside mailboxes are used to save time and increase the efficiency of mail distribution in rural areas

Price changes

Price changes in accordance with changing times. Mail distribution is no longer a profitable business. Today revenues from other mail services are used to cover the cost of postal delivery.

Rationalization of branches


Iceland post now runs 64 branches around the country. To meet the changing times in the postal service Iceland post will go through rationalization and simplification of branches depending on the circumstances and extent of the postal services in each location.

Increased technological advances


There has been an increased use of technology and electronic solutions these days and Iceland Post has taken larger steps in that direction. With technology like computerized sorting machines, scan my post and Mappan, your own personal electronic mail box.

Cutting costs


Iceland post will continue to place great emphasis on efficient operations to support the company's financial position. Continued reduction of staff will be in line with a hiring freeze, where necessary.

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