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Privacy Statement

Updated 7. 6. 2018.




Iceland Post is concerned about personal privacy and wants all of our customers, users and those who visit the company’s websites (,, to know how their personal information is collected, as well as how it is processed, stored and shared, whether the personal data is stored electronically, on paper or in any other way. Iceland Post hf., Stórhöfða 29, 110 Reykjavík, is the responsible party for the processing of personal information that customers, users or those who visit the company’s websites provide the company.




Iceland Post respects the right of privacy for individuals and emphasises that the processing of all personal data is always done in accordance with the basic principles and regulations on personal privacy and right to privacy, according to, amongst other things, Act No. 77/2000 on the Protection of Personal Privacy and Processing of Personal Data and the provisions of Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council No. 2016/679, which is expected to be implemented in Icelandic legislation in the near future. Personal information or personally identifiable information is information that can be connected to, directly or indirectly, a particular individual.




The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to explain Iceland Post’s procedures for collecting, recording, storing and disseminating personally identifiable information in its operations, as well as informing the company’s customers and others who use the company’s websites on the rights of the person in relation to privacy.




In the processing of personal data, Iceland Post always adopts the following principles of the legislation, i.e.: 




  • that they are processed in a legitimate, fair and transparent manner;
  • that they are obtained for clearly identified, legitimate and objective purposes and are not further processed for other and/or incompatible purposes;
  • that they are adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes of the processing;
  • that they are reliable and updated as required;
  • that they are preserved in a form that does not permit identification of individuals for longer than is necessary for the purposes of the processing;
  • that they are processed in such a way that the relevant personal data is protected.




Iceland Post ensures that personal information is not communicated to third parties except with the consent of the person or in accordance with applicable personal privacy laws.




It is important that this privacy statement is read in conjunction with any other notices and/or information about the processing of personal information that the company may send out. The privacy statement is complementary to other notifications and is not intended to supersede them.




We value your privacy

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