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Shipment fee from abroad

Shipment fee from abroad

1.June 2019

As of June 3, a shipping fee will be collected on shipments from abroad which are subject to import taxes : the Icelandic Parliament recently approved the measure in an appendix to the laws on postal services.

The fee is intended to cover delivery costs for shipments sent via foreign postal services. As a result of these changes, shipments of goods from abroad will be subject to import charges levied by the state, as well as the administrative fee and the new shipment fee charged by Iceland Post.

The shipment fee will be ISK 400 for shipments from Europe and ISK 600 for shipments from countries outside Europe.

These measures have become necessary because shipping tariffs, according to the terms of  international postal agreements, have been much too low to cover the cost of distribution in Iceland, thus obliging Iceland Post to fund the difference. Last year, the extra costs for Iceland Post caused a deficit for the company of around ISK 920 million and the loss has been ongoing this year. 

Iceland Post does not have the flexibility to meet these costs. The government has therefore amended the law on Postal Services so as to allow the collection of delivery costs, in order to cover the shortfall.

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