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New openings hours

New opening hours for post offices in the capital area

The openings hours for our post offices in the capital area will be changing from April 1st and will now be open from 10-17 from Monday to Friday. 

Can´t make it to the post office at this time?

Home delivery

Now you can get your parcel delivered to your doorstep. Get comfy at home and order home delivery here.

Parcel Lockers

Automatic Parcel lockers are available 24/7 without additional fee. Save money, skip the rush hour at the post office and speed up the process. Signup for Parcel lockers.

Parcel locker are nearby

We have over 8 locations across the capital area. 

New openings hours for post offices around the country

The openings hours for our post offices around the country will be changing from April 1st. The new opening hours are visible in the first table below. 

Post office Open Close
Capital area 10:00 17:00
Keflavík 10:00 17:00
Akureyri 10:00 17:00
Akureyri Norðurtangi 10:00 17:00
Akranes 10:00 16.30
Selfoss 10:00 16:30
Vestmannaeyjar 10:00 17:00
Egilsstaðir 10:00 16:30
Ísafjörður 10:00 16:30
Sauðárkrókur 10:00 16:30
Húsavík 10:00 16:30
Borgarnes 10:00 16:30
Höfn 10:00 16:30
Reyðarfjörður 10:00 16:30
Stykkishólmur 10:00 16:30
Blönduós 10:00 16:00
Neskaupsstaður 10:00 16:00
Hvammstangi 10:00 16:00

Post offices not changing opening hours

Post office Open Close
Dalvík 10:00 16:00
Siglufjörður 10:00 16:00
Ólafsvík 10:00 16:00
Hvolsvöllur 11:00 15:00
Hella 11:00 15:00
Patreksfjörð 10:00 16:30
Búðardalur 10:00 14:00


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