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Iceland Post uses cookies to improve user experience on the company’s websites. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the users’ computers. Such records allow Iceland Post to monitor how the person uses the company’s website. When the site is used for the first time, the user’s consent is requested for the company to use cookies. If they choose not to accept such use, it is possible that the website may not have full functionality. Iceland Post uses cookies, amongst other things, to identify the web browser used, in order to customise its webpage; to record the date and time of visit; and to register the IP address, as well as other actions. This information is used in connection with system management, troubleshooting, fraud investigation, communication from the company and to provide the best service. Cookies are not spyware, and Iceland Post does not collect information about web browsing nor transmit information gathered with cookies to third parties, with the exception of sharing with Google Analytics and Siteimprove. If users of the website do not wish to save cookies, it is simple to change the browser settings to remove them.

Google Analytics and Siteimprove is used for website use measurement. It collects information on each visit to the website, e.g. date and time of visit, how the user enters the website and what browser and type of device is used. It also checks whether search words are used. This data provides information on how to develop the website and improve its functionality based on user needs. This information is only used by Iceland Post for the marketing of its own products. IP address disclosure is made to Google Analytics in order to access information about access to and use of the Iceland Post website. No other personal information is forwarded to Google Analytics. If the person does not want their IP address to be shared in this way to Google Analytics, then they may request this by clicking here: request that IP address will not be shared.


Read Iceland Post Privacy Statement here.

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